Nashville Sounds vs. Oklahoma City Redhawks 6/27-6/28/2013 Herschel Greer Stadium Nashville, TN

Since everyone seems to be interested in the 138 ball game, I’ll make an attempt at doing a blog for the Nashville games.




20130630-213112.jpg The Nashville Sounds, Triple A Affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers, play their home games at a really outdated ballpark called Herschel Greer Stadium. Located in the “hood” of Nashville, this is one of the worst MiLB ballparks I’ve ever been to. In my opinion, the local government in Nashville needs to gas up the bulldozers are flatten this place. The list of improvements this ballpark needs is endless.



20130630-213858.jpg I’d probably be up all night if I named every problem with this ballpark. Instead of naming them all, I’ll post a few. Let’s start with the restrooms. Usually upon entering a ballpark, I head straight for the seating area to search for balls. However, I arrived unusually early during one of the games to acquire a 2013 Nashville Sounds Team Trading Card Set that was given to the first 2,000 fans to pass through the gates. After waiting outside for nearly two hours, I had to take a wicked piss when I finally got inside. This bathroom was beyond horrendous. The piping behind the trough style urinals was broken and shooting a stream of water stronger than what was coming out of me. The sinks did not have hot water, and the soap dispensers were also broken. I’d hate to be a person who had to drop a #2. I quickly peered in the #2 stall and was surprised by a mouse chewing on the huge roll of toilet paper that was covered in dirt and laying on the uncleared floor. The only good thing I noticed in the bathroom was the huge mirror behind the sinks. Excellent for those Facebook “Mirror Pics”. Hopefully, someone from the Nashville Sounds reads this. Your bathroom on the Lower Third Base Line needs condemned. You should be ashamed to even let people use such facilities. I’ve been in Port-a-Johns at concerts that were in better shape.

20130630-215351.jpg Another complaint is the price of Parking. I understand that nearly every team charges for parking. However, the Sounds have by far the worst ballpark in the International League. How about being grateful that fans even come out to such a dump and waive the parking fee. $5 per car? Come on now. Where does the money even go? It sure as heck doesn’t go into upgrading anything inside of the ballpark.

20130630-220147.jpg Yet another complaint, the seating bowl inside Herschel Greer Stadium is in need of some major upgrades. Sun Dyed, Cracked Seats on Rusted Frames litter the Seating Bowl. I’m quite certain the vast majority of the seats are 1978 Originals.

20130630-220715.jpg Not all of the seats are broken. Apparently, Budweiser spent a few bucks to upgrade a few of the seats. I let out a sarcastic ohhh and ahhh when I saw these.

20130630-221355.jpg One additional complaint before I move on to a few more subjects. Just beyond the Right Field Wall is the only OF Seating available in Herschel Greer Stadium. However, I was denied access. Apparently, some sort of special ticket is required to utilize this area.

20130630-221819.jpg A Security Guard is usually posted just behind the 327. The dude protects the area like he is protecting Barack Obama. Sadly, I missed out on snagging a Khris Davis Home Run Baseball during my first game because I was denied access to the Outfield.

20130630-222352.jpg Luckily, the Security Guard is only posted until the 5th Inning. I was able to spend a few innings during each game in the outfield. The reason I can’t chill in the outfield during the whole game will forever remain a mystery. Below are a few random photos from in and around Herschel Greer Stadium.















& Not everything about the ballpark was depressing. Below are a few of the better aspects of the ballpark.

20130630-224258.jpg Left Field features a pretty cool looking Scoreboard that is shaped like a Giant Guitar. I read online that if a player hits the Guitar with a Home Run during the game, the player is presented with a Real Guitar after the game. I found this to not be true. Oklahoma City Redhawks OF George Springer hit the Guitar with a Home Run during Game #2 of the Doubleheader. He was not presented with a Guitar.

20130630-224757.jpg The area above is located in RF and used as access to the Locker Rooms. This passageway also leads to the area below the Giant Guitar where the Springer HR landed. I was standing next to this area when Springer launched the HR. Since there were no signs saying No Trespassing or anything, I sprinted over and picked up the Springer HR. The Springer HR was my second Game Home Run of the day. During the 1st Inning of Game #2 of the Doubleheader, Redhawks SS Jonathan Villar blasted a HR to CF that landed in the Picnic Area and nearly decapitated Redhawks P Brett Oberholtzer who was seated on a Picnic Table. Brett and I both reached for the ball as it rolled under a table. I didn’t want to seem rude, so I let him pick it up. He immediately handed it to me then watched as I photographed the ball. He then quizzed me about who I was sending the picture to and wants everyone to know that I DID NOT CATCH THE BALL. LoL. There ya go Brett, everyone knows I didn’t “Catch” the ball. Anyways, below are a few more random photos.

20130630-231027.jpg Robbie Grossman Foul Ball.

20130630-231237.jpg Garden located behind the Party Deck in RF. Everything seemed dead with the exception of a few tomatoes. I’m not exactly sure why there is a garden, but whatev.

20130630-231538.jpg Ticket Stub. On Thursday, fans can purchase a General Admission Ticket for $5 by presenting a Burger King receipt. Without a receipt, the cheapest ticket is $11.

20130630-231804.jpg Banner hanging outside of the Gift Shop. Speaking of the Gift Shop. I can use 2 words to describe the Gift Shop. Small & Pathetic.

20130630-232154.jpg Prior to the Doubleheader, a Radio Station called The Buzz 102.9 was setup outside of the ballpark offering fans a chance to win prizes by playing a dice game.

20130630-232342.jpg I won a Pearl Jam CD. Sadly, I couldn’t tell you one song that Pearl Jam sings.

20130630-232805.jpg In addition to the Radio Station, Southern Fast Food Joint, Jack in the Box was setup giving away goodies. Incase you’ve never heard of Jack in the Box, they have some good grub.

20130630-233347.jpg Above is a photo of my lunch during one of my days in Nashville.

20130630-233745.jpg I also had a great meal at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.

20130630-233944.jpg Instead of a Cheeseburger in Paradise, I opted for the Diablo Burger. Yummy!! Now, I’ll get started on the 138 ball adventure. Below are some photos of the area beyond the OF Fence at Herschel Greer Stadium.

















20130630-235316.jpg As you can see in the above photo, just beyond the OF Wall is a Wooded Area and some Railroad Tracks. From previous trips, it has come to my attention that fans are very unlikely to enter any sort of Wooded Area. The reasons are numerous and include the following: Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Bacteria, Sewage, Trash, Homeless People, and most importantly, Venomous Snakes. I was actually bitten twice in Lexington by what I believe was a Milk Snake. Nashville is known to be home to deadly Copperheads and Rattlesnakes as well as a few other species. Entering any sort of Wooded Area is potentially dangerous. I have quite the adventurous side, so I wasn’t going to let the possibility of a little snake deter me from finding some baseballs. The Wooded Area was fenced off, so I scaled down the side of a bridge and ended up in a Homeless Camp.

20130701-000612.jpg Typical Homeless Bed. Trash thrown everywhere, dirty blankets, etc… I’m “nebby” so I did some snooping around in this dude’s crib. In addition to his queen size bed, I wondered upon his medicine cabinet.



20130701-001009.jpg Apparently, this dude pops pills like I pop Peanut M&M’s. Anyways, it was into the woods I went.


20130701-001340.jpg Shortly after entering the Wooded Area, I was finding baseballs left and right. It was like a “Baseball Graveyard”. Below are some photos of the balls I was discovering.




























20130701-002733.jpg In all, I snagged a total of 145 baseballs during the 2 games in Nashville. I could have probably recused many more from the Wooded Area too. However, my 2 backpacks as well as all of my pockets were full to the brim. That’s about it for Herschel Greer Stadium. In addition to the ballpark, I also toured the Country Music Hall of Fame, Grand Ole Opry House, and a few other places. More on that later. I need some sleep.



  1. Wes

    I have a question. When you were in potomac did the ever toss the 3rd out ball up and did foul balls fly out of the stadium? Also is their a re entry policy? Thanks and please reply!.

    • pghrick

      They did toss 3rd out balls occasionally. Plenty of foul balls leave the ballpark. I would recommend standing outside on the 1B side near the softball field if you plan of trying to snag foul balls. Not sure on re-entry. I think they stamp your hand. I can’t remember.

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