Altoona Curve vs. Erie Seawolves 4/27-4/28/13 Peoples Natural Gas Field Altoona, PA

I know you’re probably thinking, why so many MiLB games? Well, Minor League Baseball is much more enjoyable. MiLB is simply, PURE BASEBALL. I could careless if I attend another MLB game this season. With that said, I made yet another Minor League Road Trip. This trip took me through scenic Pennsylvania with a final destination of Altoona, Pa. Surprisingly, Altoona is a booming city. Hotels, Stores, and Restaurants galore. Nothing like the small “Redneck” town I had envisioned.

20130429-133505.jpg Shortly after arriving at the Ballpark around 1pm, I was on the board with Ball #1, an Eastern League Baseball found beyond the RF Wall.

20130429-133714.jpg As is always the case, I like to arrive early and do a bit of exploring. I noticed this open gate and had to do some investigating. Below are a few photos of what I discovered.


20130429-134004.jpg Minor League Baseball is much more laid back. I probably could have strolled out onto the field and started shagging Fly Balls in the OF and nobody would have said a word. Obviously though, I was in a Restricted Area so I decided to move along.

20130429-134327.jpg Before hopping back into the car, I snapped a photo of this Roller Coaster which sits beyond the RF Wall. While it may appear as a target for players to hit during BP, the likelihood of a ball striking it is very minimal. The Power Alley in RF is 375 ft and the Coaster is another 50-100 ft from the Wall. It would take a Moonshot for a HR to hit the Coaster.

20130429-134746.jpg Above is a photo from atop the Parking Garage which also sits beyond the RF Wall. As you can see, there is quite a bit of space between the field and the Amusement Park. Below are a few more photos of the area beyond the Outfield Walls,



20130429-135206.jpg Since there wasn’t much action on the field, it was time to do some more exploring. Below are a few more photos of Peoples Natural Gas Field.



20130429-135507.jpg While roaming around the field, I noticed a player hit a Home Run into the grass hill in LF. The gates were not due to open for 3 more hours, so retrieving the baseball would take some trickery. I had already watched as 2 female Curve Employees scoured the LF Bleachers and pocketed a half dozen baseballs. I wasn’t about to let them snatch another one.




20130429-140022.jpg Spiderman, Spiderman, gets them balls whenever I can.

20130429-140254.jpg After snatching up the ball from LF, I returned to the roof of the Parking Garage to try for a LONGGGGGGG Toss Up. I spent my time waiting in an area surrounded by this Crime Scene Tape. Chances are, I was getting my Ballhawk on in a Murder Scene.

20130429-140626.jpg This was my view as I tried to get Stolmy Pimental’s attention. After a few balls to the Warning Track, I got Pimental to notice me on top of the garage. Shortly after, he made an attempt to toss me a ball. The ball fell well short.

20130429-140958.jpg Can you spot the baseball?


20130429-141103.jpg As much as I hate to leave a baseball unclaimed, I decided against trying to climb down the wall of a 100ft Parking Garage. I would try to get Pimental to toss me another one.

20130429-141538.jpg Above is Pimental with Toss Up #2.

20130429-141843.jpg Shortly after the Pimental Toss Up, the Erie Seawolves took the field. I was set on getting a Toss Up from one of them as well. James McCann would be the first to attempt to reach the roof of the garage. After 2 failed attempts, McCann called over Hernan Perez who made a windmill motion with his arm then launched a Toss Up that landed snugly in my Catcher’s Mitt.

20130429-142327.jpg Above is a photo of the Hernan Perez Toss Up. After getting the Perez Toss Up, it was almost time to enter the Ballpark. Below are a few random photos from in and around the Ballpark.














20130429-143038.jpg Yes, that’s a couch in the Altoona Curve Bullpen.

20130429-143144.jpg Glove Trick. Erie’s Pitching Coach Jamie Garcia just stood and scratched his head and he watched me reel this in.





20130429-143444.jpg Daniel Fields 9th Inning Foul Ball.





One comment

  1. DevoT

    Rick. Totally enjoy your blogs and pics. You tell a great story. Love the fence climbing pictures. Keep up the shananigans. Devo

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