Lexington Legends versus Savannah Sand Gnats 6/20-6/21/2013 Whitaker Bank Ballpark Lexington, KY

Since it’s fresh on my mind, I’m going to blog about my most recent trip. Once again, I was on the road for another MiLB adventure. Fresh off a trip to Erie and Buffalo and following 4 hours of sleep, I was headed to the Bluegrass State, Kentucky. Destination, Whitaker Bank Ballpark in Lexington, KY home of the Lexington Legends.

20130622-001326.jpg Lexington Legends

20130622-001433.jpg The Legends are a Class A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals.

20130622-001708.jpg Lexington was opposed by the Savannah Sand Gnats, Class A affiliate of the New York Mets.

20130622-001840.jpg Both teams are members of the South Atlantic League. Below are numerous photos taken in and around Whitaker Bank Ballpark during my two day trip.

20130622-002402.jpg Whitaker Bank Ballpark.

20130622-002859.jpg Above is a look outside of the ballpark down the first base line.

20130622-003105.jpg Above is a look outside of the ballpark down the third base line. One would think this is “Foul Ball Heaven”. That is not even close to being accurate. In reality, at most, 2-3 balls will fly out of the ballpark on a given night. Below are a few more photos of the area outside of the ballpark along the first base line.






20130622-004317.jpg As you can see in the above photos, the seating area rises high above the playing field preventing nearly all foul balls from leaving the ballpark. Great news for the patrons who park in the lots surrounding the ballpark. Bad news for me. Especially, considering I was 11 Game Balls from 100 on the season. I would still get my fair share of baseballs though. More on that later.


20130622-005504.jpg LF Bleacher Seating

20130622-005646.jpg Above is a photo of the area behind the left field bleachers. Below are a few more photos of the areas beyond the outfield walls.

20130622-010324.jpg The Player’s Parking Lot is located beyond the RF Wall. Besides the Escalade which is driven by Manager David Buchanan, the rest of the lot looked very similar to one of those Buy Here – Pay Here Used Car Dealerships you see in the suburbs.


20130622-010859.jpg As I was wondering around the ballpark, the Savannah Sand Gnats Team Bus rolled in. Since they had no big name prospects, I didn’t stick around for autographs. However, I do regret not getting their Pitching Coach, Frank Viola to sign a baseball. Viola was a World Series MVP as well as a Cy Young Award Winner during his MLB Career. O well, sheet happens. I had more exploring to do.




20130622-011817.jpg Every MiLB Ballpark I’ve been to has had it’s fair share of problems. One of the problems I noticed at Whitaker Bank Ballpark is cleanliness. The area beyond the outfield fences is absolutely horrendous. The photos above say enough, no need for an explanation.

20130622-012928.jpg As I stood behind the bleachers in LF, I did some thinking. Where would a baseball land when it left the ballpark? That’s simple, on the pavement in the parking lot. What does a baseball do when it hits pavement? Duh, bounce. The parking lot is lined by a chain link fence which separates the lot from a wooded area. In my expert opinion, I figured there would be plenty of baseballs that bounced over the fence into the wooded area.

20130622-013845.jpg As I walked along the lot, I noticed a gap in the fence and decided to see if I could find any baseballs in the woods. Anybody want to guess what I saw when I first peered through the gap in the fence?



20130622-014352.jpg Yup, more trash. In addition to the trash, I may have also discovered a murder scene. Do you see the hair in the above photo? I’m quite certain it was a skull poking out of a shallow grave. I wasn’t in the mood to exhume a body so I continued my search for baseballs.

20130622-014916.jpg Just below the wooded area are some train tracks. I walked along the tracks and didn’t find anything, so I headed back into the trees and bushes.

20130622-015232.jpg I was soon rewarded when I found a $1 bill. The dollar was most likely used by a hobo to snort cocaine.

20130622-015709.jpg Shortly after finding the dollar, I found a batting glove. I’d like to believe the glove was worn by one of the Legends players. However, it was likely worn by the person who buried the body in the previous photo. At the moment, I don’t have the time to write more about Lexington. I’ll finish this one later.



  1. blakevonhagen

    I live in Knoxville, TN so and my grandparents live in nashville so i have been to a couple games there…crazy how many balls you got! are you planning on going to any other tennessee ballparks? and when will you have the nashville blog post up? looking forward to it.

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