2013 Goals

I’m going to start off by saying that I absolutely hate this blogging thing.

Okkkk, before I post my 2013 Goals, which I’m sure will generate (couldn’t figure out the word I wanted to use) quite a bit of laughs from my fellow “Ballhawkers”, I’d like to do a quick 2012 Recap.

Ive been regularly attending MLB Games since the Early 1990’s. I obtained my first baseball in 1997 via Toss Up from St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher, Andy Benes at Three River Stadium in Pittsburgh, PA. Seconds later, I caught my second, a BP Home Run On The Fly from an Unknown Cardinals Player. From that moment on, I was hooked.

I wasn’t sure how 2012 was going to play out. I spent the entire 2011 season in Florida. I was a “Regular” at Tropicana Field as well as Sun Life Stadium. In addition, I’m guessing I attended well over 100 Florida State League Games. The amount of baseballs I caught was absolutely ridiculous.

After the 2011 season, I started to get really sick and returned to Pittsburgh. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital, had 2 surgeries and was released just in time for the 2012 season. I had been a member of a website called MY GAME BALLS for a few years prior to 2012. I never uploaded my stats or anything, I just kept an eye on peoples stats and read an occasional blog here and there. Honestly, I thought everyone on the site was weird. However, I found the idea of “Ballhawking” intriguing. I decided to become an active member of the site in 2012. I discovered that the majority of the people who I labeled as “weird” were really cool dudes. During the first few months of the season, I just wasn’t feeling myself. I was always tired and just didn’t have the stamina to make it through BP at times. By the time July came around, I was completely exhausted. From July till October, my enjoyment in attending games began to dissipate. The thought of attending BP day after day became somewhat boring. However, I decided to suck it up and finish the season.

During a trip to D.C. early in the season, I came up with some “Goals” for 2012. How did I do? Well, below were my goals.


GOAL: 500 Total Balls

REALITY: 521 Total Balls (Includes Minors)

GOAL: 10 Game Home Runs

REALITY: 13 Game Home Runs (Includes Minors)

GOAL: 25 Foul Balls

REALITY: 38 Foul Balls (Includes Minors)

GOAL: 5 Commemorative Baseballs

REALITY: 6 Commemorative Baseballs Astros, Mets, Dodgers, Orioles, Marlins, Twins
I’m not even going to begin to rant about the Red Sox Commemorative, it’s a sour subject.

GOAL: 2012 Home Run Derby Baseball in Kansas City


GOAL: Attend 1 Game of the 2012 World Series and Snag a Baseball

REALITY: Attended Game 4 of the 2012 World Series in Detroit with Erik Jabs and I did indeed Snag a Baseball.

Top 5 NOT-Highlights of 2012 (Regrets)

5. NOT Catching Bryce Harpers 1st MLB Home Run. Yes, I made quite an effort to catch it. Harper’s First MLB HR ended up going in the Batter’s Eye in D.C. Nobody caught it. 🙂

4. NOT Catching a Red Sox Commemorative Baseball. Failed in numerous trips to Baltimore. I had a trip to Boston planned for August 2012. I ended up in Erie, PA instead watching AA Minor League Baseball.

3. PEDRO ALVAREZ HOME RUN The #1 Reason, I’ll never attend another MLB Game with a Chick. #MISSEDOPPORTUNITIES

2. ANDREW MCCUTCHEN HOME RUN Thats me with the Giant Glove and #58 Jersey


20130228-140218.jpg Where were you when this happened? 2012 World Series Game 4. I know where I was. Erik, I’m sure you’re still ticked off too.

Top 5 Moments of 2012

5. 4/25/12 Garrett Jones Home Run My First Game Home Run of 2012

4. 7/6/12 Pedro Alvarez Home Run



20130228-142200.jpg Pedro Alvarez Game Jersey at Fan Appreciation Day


20130228-142741.jpg April 27, 2012 Josh Reddick 3rd Out Toss Up *ORIOLES COMMEMORATIVE*

1. 6/21/12 Pedro Alvarez Home Run




Recap: I caught a lot of balls. I also missed a lot of opportunities. I met some really cool people. Erik, Ian, Scoonz, Fake Pedro, you guys are great. You made my trip to PNC Park enjoyable. Matt in Baltimore, Flava Dave, thanks for the hospitality. You guys helped make Camden Yards my favorite Ballpark. I appreciate all your help. Dave and Dave in Detroit, it was nice meeting you guys. I appreciate all your help at the World Series. Everyone who attended Ballhawk Fest in Pittsburgh. Thanks!! I had a great time. I enjoyed meeting all of you. Rocco from Cincy, I love reading all of your blogs. You offer some great insight. Alan from MGB, Great Site. Thank you for taking the time to give people like me a place to share our hobby. Looking forward to meeting you in Philadelphia this summer.

Below are a few Random Photos from 2012…


























1. 1,000 Baseballs. Go ahead and laugh. I GUARANTEE I GET AT MINIMUM, 1,000.
2. 50 Game Home Runs.
3. 100 Foul Balls
5. Make ESPN Web Gems. It’s going to happen.
6. Finish #1 on My Game Balls Minors. NOBODY IS BEATING ME THIS YEAR.
7. Win Home Run Derby at Ballhawk Fest in Philadelphia.
8. Catch a Walk Off Home Run.
9. Get a Pirates Game Worn Jersey at Fan Appreciation Day. #CUTCH
10. Have Fun.


  1. Julzee

    This was very well written! I hope you achieve your goals!! I’m sure you will. Maybe someday I’ll catch one! Lol keep chasing baseballs!

  2. SpencerS

    Good luck this season, fellow BIG GLOVER – enjoyed your blogs last season and hopefully we will still get a few this season !

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