Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Arizona Diamondbacks August 6-8, 2012 PNC Park Pittsburgh, PA

Yes, I’ve been slacking really bad lately when it comes to doing these blogs. Between Chasing Baseballs, Steelers Training Camp, Pitt Football Practice, Car Accident, Dating, Sleeping, and Kayaking, I’ve been quite busy the past few weeks. The Pirates were hosting the Diamondbacks for a 4 games series. I had big hopes for these games. My plans included finishing a Diamondbacks Team Signed Baseball, getting Kirk Gibson to sign a Dodgers Commemorative Baseball, getting Alan Trammell to sign a Sports Illustrated from 1984, finish my Pirates Team Signed Baseball, and snag as many baseballs as possible.

20120813-142157.jpg Pirates

20120813-142300.jpg Diamondbacks

20120813-142650.jpg Shot of LF and the Wicked Sun and Shadows

20120813-142944.jpg Despite the sun, I was still able to catch a Starling Marte Toss-Up during the 2nd Inning of the August 6th game.

20120813-143151.jpg Marte B&W

20120813-143652.jpg I had an AYCE Wristband for each of the 3 games versus the Diamondbacks. I probably ate 18 burgers, 7 hot dogs, 13 orders of nachos, 12 ice cream sandwiches, 19 bags of peanuts, 3 boxes of popcorn, 6 bags of peanut butter pretzels, and washed it all down with 104 soft drinks. Let’s just say I got my money’s worth.

20120813-143936.jpg Prior to one of the games, Ian and I spotted Garrett Jones who graciously signed our items then took a moment to pose with the Giant Glove.

20120813-144200.jpg The “Regulars” who wait at the Visiting Team Entrance to PNC Park day after day in hopes of getting their items signed for eBay. They are all pretty friendly for the most part.

20120813-144707.jpg PNC Park Security. The most out of shape Security Team in MLB.

20120813-145145.jpg The Security Member pictured above reminds me of Paul Blart, Mall Cop. Anyone else see the resemblance? I didn’t take any photos because I was running around like a lunatic during BP and didn’t have time. I apologize. During the 3 games versus Arizona, I was able to snag 23 baseballs. The majority of them were obtained via the Glove Trick. Also, in an embarrassing side note, I was hit in the head by a Josh Collmenter Toss-Up after BP on August 7th. Despite feeling a bit woozy, I was still able to reach down and pick up the ball before it was scooped up by one of the many kids screaming “Here!,Here!,Here!”. Now, to the autographing.

20120813-150612.jpg Dodger Stadium Commemorative. Goal: Kirk Gibson.

20120813-150723.jpg Mission Accomplished. After Gibson signed my Dodgers Commemorative, I asked if he would also signed my Diamondbacks Team Ball. His exact words were as follows, “JESUS CHRIST!, I just signed a ball for you”. He then stopped signing and marched off to the dugout.

20120813-151115.jpg Gibson might be a decent manager, but he sure as hell ain’t a people person. He doesn’t even look friendly.

20120813-151342.jpg The Diamondbacks do have a few friendly players. One such player is 2012 ROY Candidate, Wade Miley. Ian and I stuck around PNC Park late one night and were rewarded with signatures from quite a few D-Backs.

20120813-151708.jpg In addition to signing a baseball for me on the sweet spot, Miley also added his John Hancock to my Team Ball. The other signature in this photo is Josh Collmenter.

20120813-151906.jpg Chris Johnson # 28 and Paul Goldschmidt #44 also signed. Goldschmidt also thanked Ian and I for asking him to sign. I think he may have had a few drinks in the clubhouse prior to leaving the ballpark. Players who also signed my Team Ball are as follows: Jason Kubel, Ryan Wheeler, Stephen Drew, Miguel Montero, and Mike Zagurski. I forgot to take a photo of the panel of the baseball where they signed. :(. After Kirk Gibson refused to sign my Team Ball, I gave up on trying to complete it and instead concentrated on finishing my Pirates Team Ball. Below are some photos of my Pirates Team Signed Baseball as it is right now.

20120813-152709.jpg Clint Hurdle, Sweet Spot.

20120813-152828.jpg James McDonald, Erik Bedard, Jeff Karstens, Rod Barajas, and Andrew McCutchen.

20120813-152953.jpg Frank Coonelly & Garrett Jones.

20120813-153121.jpg Michael McKenry, Evan Meek, Drew Sutton, Travis Snider, and Chad Qualls.

20120813-153242.jpg Jason Grilli, Clint Barmes, Josh Harrison, Chris Resop, and Joel Hanrahan. I’m still missing a handful of guys including A.J. Burnett and Juan Cruz. I haven’t seen Burnett touch a pen once this whole season. Cruz signed once after a game. However, it was only because his POS Range Rover broke down while exiting the parking garage and he was waiting for AAA to come save him. Other notable players missing are Neil Walker and Pedro Alvarez. Both are fairly easy to obtain. I would have both on the ball already but I’ve been getting them on Single Signed Balls, 8×10’s, etc. My goal is to add at least 7 guys to the ball during the series versus the Dodgers. That’s about it for the D-Backs Series. Stay tuned for a recap of Steelers Training Camp, Pitt Football Practice, Pirates vs. Padres, and Pirates vs. Dodgers. I have a lot of catching up to do. I promise to be all caught up before the weekend.


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  1. Matthew Jamison

    Great blog! I always enjoy reading your stories. I’ve been a big chipper jones fan since I was a kid and I would like to meet him and get his autograph. Do you have any advice for someone that has no experience of getting autographs? Where do the players enter the ballpark? Thanks a lot. Any information is appreciated. Take care.

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